Is monogamist the right word?!

Now am I the only young person in this town that doesn’t go to another relationship from finishing one?! Why can’t society today be like it were when our grandparents were younger?! If it was, there probably wouldn’t be so many unwanted children or single parents as there are today. I say this but if things didn’t go the way they did then I wouldn’t have my mini me.
Maybe I have more respect for myself. Who knows.

Guys! :)

Imagine my face going in an excitement voice, “shutuuup!” 🙂 im officially a student again! 🙂 yay people.
I’m so beyond excited! Never have I wanted to try so hard at anything in my life. 🙂 beauty therapy here I come!! Xx

I’m off twitter! :(

It’s true. I’m off twitter, I have about 3 or 4 accounts mainly because I’ve forgotten email accounts I signed up with or the usernames etc. But I have a stalke, who has messaged me on every account so far and I’ve had enough of it, 
So if you are following me then please block me as I’m unable to deactivate it using my ipad xx

My first post!

Ok guys! Hi!
I started this blog because I’m going for things that a few months ago never thought I would.
I have a 4 nearly 5 year old and have been the typical stereotype stay at home mumma but I think now that my baby is at primary school it’s time for me to spread my wings abit. 🙂
I have a love of the 1950 style including the hairstyles and makeup! I’m also traditional so if I ever moan in this blog I apologise in advance, I do wish sometimes that society was the same as it were back then!
I’m in the process of applying for a beauty therapy course that not many people know about, I have an interview on the 27th which is tomorrow so hopefully it will be good news and il be offered a place!
This blog is my online diary of my every day life of being a mummy, a vintage chick and hopefully from September a beauty therapy student!

Hope you enjoy!